New "NoMan" Greg W. relieved!

posted Jan 30, 2016, 1:57 PM by Lee Deskins   [ updated Jan 30, 2016, 2:07 PM ]
This post provided by the new reigning "NoMan" - Mike Martin
There’s a new “No-Man” for Williamsburg Friday Tennis (Greg you can now walk without shame).  Garry Chalmers, Mike Martin, Lee Deskins and Adam Deskins playing on the Inn hard courts in somewhat challenging winter conditions (25mph winds, a 30 degree wind chill, balls that bounced about 1/3 regulation, snow on the sidelines and a work weary, distracted, reigning Big Man, Garry Chalmers), it was just a matter of time before someone succumbed to play with 3 "off their game" partners.  That someone was Mike Martin who’s stellar play could not overcome the temperamental, condition affected, lackluster strokes from Chalmers, Deskins and Deskins.  In a consolation fourth set (add darkness after sunset to the above conditions for this match), Chalmers and Martin were able to miss fewer balls and go on to a tight win over Deskins and Deskins.   But no matter what the extenuating circumstances, Martin carries the No Man burden into Feb.  By either not playing or getting Chalmers to show up with his A game, Mike hopes to pass the torch soon.

Editors comments:

I probably would have said Greg can play with less shame. 

What Mike doesn't yet understand is that as long as we play there will be a reigning NoMan and BigMan. What Mike needs is a new and different "NoMan" if Garry shows up and plays like he normally does it may be a while before there is a new "NoMan". Of course we thought the same when Greg was NoMan, tennis is such a fragile sport.