BigMan in February

posted Feb 14, 2016, 3:44 PM by Lee Deskins
Everyone was happy after Tennis

No surprise that on 2/12/2016 Garry Chalmers was once again BigMan. The reall surprise was that we played on the Clay at the Inn. It was chilly (in the 30's) and there was some snow during and after. Our youngster really struggled in the cold. Luckily he played with Garry first after the first set racquets were seen flying.

We had to play a 4th set since it was so nice to be on the clay in February and Mike Martin and Lee Deskins (the much older players) took Garry and Adam Deskins to a tie breaker. Of course Garry and Adam pulled it out but we at least gave them a game.

There was some talk about posting the first bagel set for the year but while there was an opportunity, it didn't happen.