2016 First No-Man

posted Jan 22, 2016, 10:00 AM by Lee Deskins
Friday Afternoon Doubles at Colonial Williamsburg Inn Tennis

January 8, 2016 - We have the first No-Man for the year. The first Friday afternoon doubles match at the Inn for 2016 resulted in a No-Man. The load was too heavy to carry for perennial Big-Man Garry Chalmers. The match consisted of Garry Chalmers, Mike Martin, Greg Wall and Lee Deskins (the author).

For those unfamiliar with the format we each play a set of doubles with the other 3 players. The last set always features a team that has each won one set and a team with a player who has not lost (2 wins) and a player who has not won. If the player who has not lost wins, he is what we call Big-Man since he has won a set with each of the other players. If however the player who has not won a set loses then he is No-Man.

So who is our first No-Man? Greg Wall takes the prize. In fairness Greg doesn't usually play with our Friday doubles group but he understood the first No-Man of 2016 was a possibility before playing.